The Documentation  
(includes installation instructions) - Read this if you're thinking about installing TAM
This documentation is also included with TAM if you want to use it for reference later on

Troubleshooting Guide  
please read this before e-mailing me about a problem

Original TA Build pics (1.25MB)
 you should download these if you use aggressive menu condensing 
(TAM v0.12.2 and later) and are getting a bunch of blank gray build pics.
Simply unzip into your TA folder to install.

(16k) - If you want to use Aggressive Menu Condensing with 2.1x versions of  Uberhack then you'll want to download this mutator.  It keeps the multi-directional factory buttons from getting corrupted, and should work reasonably well for other 2.x versions as well.
Simply unzip into your TA-Mutation folder to install

Latest Beta:
Download TAM v1.0.2 beta (602kb) - updated 3/25/2002
NOTE: the multiplayer gameroom is not compatible with 0.x versions

Last known good:
Download TAM v0.13.3 beta (576kb) - updated 11/25/2001

Last non-beta Release:
Download TAM v0.11.4
(385kb) - updated 11/12/2000

Major Features:

New in v1.0.1:

Complete History

Included Mutators: - what you get along with TA:M

Other Mutators - other mutators that you can download